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HTML- How do we set opacity to background/translucent in CSS without affecting the inner content?

Problem This is a common area HTML developers do mistake. For example client will ask to give opacity to background. Here client expectation may be something similar to iphone’s translucent effect. But the developer will give opacity to the outer container, which will affect all it sub containers too. If the opacity value is high

jQuery.SimplyReadMore – A JQuery Read more Plugin with responsive Support

Problem Traditionally the read more plugins are based on the number of characters and which will not always work well with all designs. Most of the issues like height variation and ugly expansion animation are common problems with similar plugins For example The position of read more will always change based on width of each

Windows phone 8 – webview is not respecting Media queries? – Quick Fix

In our recent responsive web design project, we have observed that windows phone is not working with media queries as expected. It’s work well with internet explorer. But, it is not working in native webview with cordoava. For example, the below code add below css on any width in between these width.